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CIS Department at Fordham University

Steps to Begin

In CISC1600 and CISC2000 classes, you are provided accounts on the CIS Dept’s servers (storm for RH sections, erdos for LC sections). Both servers run Linux and provide a common programming environment for all students.

To finish a programming assignment on storm/erdos, you typically need to go through the following steps:

  1. From your local computer (your laptop or lab computer), log on to the server, using either Windows or Mac.
  2. While logged on the server, using text editors (i.e., emacs or vi) to type your program, compile, revise, test the program until the program has no compilation errors or known run-time errors.
  3. When your program is ready to be submitted, first transfer the program source code (.cpp file, .h file) from the server to your local Windows or Mac computer, and then submit the source code to the Autograder system.
  4. You are typically given multiple submissions opportunities, therefore you can revise your program and resubmit your program (go back to step 2).

Alternatively, if you have set up a programming environment (IDE or vi/emacs and g++) on your own laptop/desktop computer, you can work on the programming assignments locally on your laptop, and submit the code directly to the Autograder system.

If you have any questions or see any mistakes in these tutorials, please email your instructor who will pass them to the authors of these tutorials.